Become A Skilled and Confident Bookkeeper

The Bookkeeper Society was created to help new and aspiring bookkeepers get the skills necessary to be successful as a freelance bookkeeper.

Hello, I'm Susan!

I created The Bookkeeper Society to help aspiring bookkeepers skip the “school of hard knocks” and go straight to being confident, competent and amazing bookkeepers! 

I’ve been a bookkeeper and accounting professional for nearly 20 years and am a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. I became a bookkeeper in 1994 so I would have a marketable skill. I took on my freelance client in 2008 so I could be home more with my newborn son. 

Since then, I’ve worked with many freelance clients, have held full-time and part-time corporate accounting jobs and have done a mixture of all the above!

The ability to earn a good living in a variety of ways has been such a gift that my bookkeeping skills have given me. 

I’m now teaching others how to strengthen their bookkeeping skills and create a career that gives them flexibility.


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